2017 Mazda MX-5 RF – Review – Test Drive – Voice over Car Quick Look in English

Engine in front, drive from behind. That’s an exciting recipe, especially if you have a 2.0 litre engine in a car that weighs basically about as much as a biscuit tin. Just wait until you hit over 5,000 rpm, then the crisp 6-speed gearbox does something you might not have been expecting: it makes the corners of your mouth go up. If you think that a sports car needs the fastest 0-100 speed, get another car, because the MX5 RF’s 160 horses need 7.5 seconds for that.

If you think that a sports car needs to have the highest top speed, get another car, because the Mazda’s 2l engine tops out at 215kmph.

However, if you think driving should be about fun, and curvy country roads are your idea of a good time; while you enjoy direct road contact, steering and the feeling of pure un-messed around with driving. Then this is your car.

That just leaves one question: Classic Roadster or the RF?

In 13 seconds, the almost 40-kg electric folding roof opens fully and turns the coupé topless. So the question is: Why not have the softtop version, you’re already getting a good 131hp engine, starting from 22.990 euro

Yes, why not? The smaller engine delivers plenty. If you like the look of the Mazda topless (and who doesn’t), then go for it. Purist will probably say that the MX-5 should come as a classic Roadster – but they are both available at affordable prices. Our Testcar costs 33.000 Euro!

Of course, you’re going to want to know if you can make 160hp in an MX5 drift? The answer is a pleasing Yes! You can drift, easily! You always keep the feeling that you are in complete control of the vehicle and compared to the cars with a lot more power, you don’t feel the vehicle slide away from you at the first attempt. The light and powerful combination makes for great control throughout. It was only at higher speeds on the highway, where we really felt a little lack of definition as you would expect.

ISO-Fix on the passenger seat is very helpful. There’s a great infotainment system, the bose sound system delivers and the sitting position in the car is excellent. Our only criticisms would be a slight lack of storage space, the fact that you can only drive up to 10 kmph while you’re opening the roof and that you can only have the MX5 RF with the larger engine. Still, pretty small complaints.

Jens had quite lot of fun with the MX5 RF, I think he fell for it. A few months ago, he would have told you that the MX-5 was just a toy car – He wants you to know he has now changed his opinion- a lot!