2017 Mercedes-AMG GT Concept – Porsche Panamera and Tesla Killer?

Just in time for its 50th anniversary, Mercedes-AMG gave us a glimpse into the future at this years Geneva Motor Show, with the Mercedes-AMG GT Concept. It’s been designed to give us an insight into the alternative drive concepts being developed by AMG. We are going to take a closer look at the four-door coupe, to see just what Mercedes AMG could be bringing to us in the not too distant future.

Underneath that sophisticated and elegant exterior, the GT combines the latest V8 petrol engine with a powerful electric motor. Intelligent networking and extremely powerful, light batteries provide a performance hybrid powertrain with a generous electrical range. System capacities of up to 600 kW could be possible. This allows for a driving performance that is truly worthy of the Famous three letters the car bears: it should be able to go from 0-100kmph in less than three seconds.

The Mercedes-AMG GT Concept looks to combine this raw power with high practicality: AMG sportiness but not at a compromise of usability. You can see this at first glance. A pulled down body leading to the well-known Pan Americana grill gives a muscular taught feel to the car. Extremely narrow headlights and a steeply inclined windshield add to feeling; and the extravagant ‘hot red’ paint colour certainly doesn’t hurt the impression. But head around to the rear and you’ll be surprised by just how much useful space is available in the back.

AMG have come up with something very special for those narrow lights: „Nano active fibre technology“ is used for daytime running and rear lights. This results in a three-dimensional light effect, which produces a unique light signature.

At the rear you can see a typical Mercedes-AMG: solid, muscular and wide. The rear carbon diffuser curves downwards at the sides emphasising the effect. The exhaust trim is a little unusual though, centrally aligned reminding you of the Mercedes-AMG GT R. This nod to the past though is beautifully paired with a look at the future which you can’t do using traditional wing mirrors. These have been replaced by miniature cameras which act as mirrors and aid the aerodynamics and visuals of the car.

The wheels feature fine-spoke rims which house AMG ceramic high-performance composite brakes, ready to take on the power of up to 600 kW. The Mercedes-AMG car that will eventually develop from this concept will feature a version of the SLS AMG Electric Drive shown here, finally realizing the driving performance and the pleasure of a super sports car.